The tall girl

“That was incredibly hot! I cant wait to cum reading that later tonight. ;p”

I told her to check back here before she does for a message.

Here it is:

As I wrote earlier, I need to see what your tongue looks like.  Please don’t cum before sending me a picture of your tongue wrapping around or licking something.

I also want to see the curves in your body – but whether that’s tonight or later, I leave up to you.

Tonight, though, I need to hear what you sound like when you cum.  Please call my phone – I won’t answer – and cum for me in my voicemail.

And afterwards, I very much would like to read your words – for you to describe for me how it felt – to read my fantasy, requests, instructions here, to know that these words right here are for you, but that lots of people are reading them, are seeing your arousal at my requests (and mine, at your fulfillment of them).

I’ll be grateful – and will reward you appropriately – for all.

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