Just because it’s funny

These are the top ten searches that have led people to this blog in the last month:

10.  creepshots

9.  take your clothes off as soon as you enter the room. i’ll be sitting in the chair. i’d like you to be wordless, please. once you’ve stripped to your underwear, i’d like you to lower yourself to your hands and knees, please.

8.  Cum for me

7.  mydissolutelife.com

6.  creep shot

5.  creepshot

4.  mydissolutelife

3.  bbw

2.  le trapeze

1.  my dissolute life

Kind of funny, what with how this blog doesn’t have a single creep shot on it, and my entries on creep shots ended up convincing me never to take them any more (except of people who ask me to – thanks to those few of you who did!).  And how my entry on BBWs is about how, in spite of myself, I’m just not typically attracted to larger women.  And what’s up with #9?  Seriously?  Several dozen people have found my blog by searching for that.  How does that HAPPEN? 


  1. thanks for sharing, #9 is especially interesting… I may do a post like this too now, I get a bunch of weird search terms as well lol 

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