The webmaster


I just thought you should know that the link to my favorite story of all on your blog, ‘Homework,’ is broken.

It IS?  Oh, I’ll go fix it right away!  Thx.



Hey, what’s up?  It must have slipped your mind, but the link to ‘Homework’ still isn’t working.  I hope you fix it soon, because I really love that story, and wanted to have a wank reading it.

Oh, shit.  You’re right.  I’ll have it fixed this afternoon.  Thx.



Listen.  ‘Homework’ still isn’t up.  I just want to put you on notice that if it’s not up tomorrow, I’ll be forced to resort to more… persuasive… methods to regain access to my favorite fucking story.

Oh, really?!?  Now, it’s starting to sound interesting.  I don’t think we will be restoring that link after all.

Oh you won’t, won’t you?  Well, you won’t be seeing my cock again until the link is restored.

You wouldn’t.

Try me.



I can beat you at this game.  You go on.  You try to make me give in.  Good luck with that!

You’re going down, bitch.

Oh no I’m not.  I think that’s precisely the point.



I hope you’re happy.  I’m walking around like one of those horses that warms up the filly for the stud.  And your fucking website has a link you know doesn’t work that leads to one of your most popular pages.

[coyly] I don’t know what you’re talking about.

My cock is so hard I could lift a barbell with it.

Awww.  Poor baby.

Admit it.  You miss it.

Miss what?  (tee-hee)

Fuck you.



So… I noticed something when I logged on this morning….

You did?  What’s that?

A certain link seems to have been restored.

Which link is that?

The link to “Homework.”

It has?  Dammit, I specifically instructed EVERYONE to leave that link exactly as it was.  I even warned that the punishment for restoring it would be SEVERE.

You promised punishment?!?



Wow.  You totally destroyed me last night.  My cock is sore, my thighs are sore, my tongue hurts.  Thank you!

Yeah, that was pretty fun, wasn’t it?  I can hardly walk today.

…  Admit it.  You fixed the link.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Admit it.


Admit it.


Admit it.

O.k., yes.

I love you so much.

I know. Winking smile


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