I love Sasha Grey

Well, maybe “love” is a little bit much, but let’s just say, I really like her.  And soon, I plan to write a little paean to her.

Part of it is physical – she’s my physical type to begin with.  But there’s more than that.  She has always conveyed a certain natural-ness that appeals to me.  Sure, there’s her relatively small breasts, her un-enhanced body.  But also, when I watch her porn, I have the distinct sense that I’m watching her enjoy herself, that I’m not watching someone act so much as I’m watching someone doing what they love.

She may just be a really good actor.  (But anyone who’s seen The Girlfriend Experience would likely say that’s not quite right.)

More likely, she really was getting paid to do what she loved when she was a porn actress.

And I really liked her politics, or at least, what I knew about them, too.  I love how she refused to apologize for what she did, how she enjoyed her work, found it empowering, not victimizing.

Which is why this really puzzled me.  It’s a PSA arguing that women should receive the same pay as men.

No problem, right?

The problem is, the ad’s all about how much she liked her work, and concludes with “Porn is about the only way to make more money than men — Find a better alternative on equalpayday.be.”

On their web site, the message is even more negative:

“She tells us with the same sweet smile about the things she had to do to earn all this money. Tough things. Things you wouldn’t do for all the money in the world.”

Is this really what Sasha Grey means?  Why’d she go along with this?