We’ve never met

She’s tall – 5’10” – taller than most women I find sexy.  Taller than most women.  But her pictures are delicious:  she has black, straight hair, framing an olive face, with deep brown eyes.  In her first picture, she is casually posed, looking slightly up, a mischievous smile on her full lips, her upper teeth just touching the inside of her lower lip – and dimples visible on either side of her grin.  She looks as if she just finished saying, “I want to swallow your cum.”

In her second, she’s turned sideways, and her bathroom mirror catches the lower half of her face, her chest (obscured by her arms as she holds her cameraphone), and her curvy, denim-clad ass.  Her current toothpaste is Colgate.

In the third, the lighting is poor, but her smile is goofy, infectious, and naughty.  I don’t know what she’s about to do, but I want her to do it to me.

And in her final picture, we see her looking up, once again, as if she’s about to lower her mouth on my cock while maintaining eye contact the whole time.  Her raincoat is open wide enough to tantalize with a glimpse of her clavicle, but not of her cleavage.  A bra strap (or tank top strap?) is visible under the left shoulder of her coat.

We’ve never met.

But we did have a hot exchange once before.  It escalated fast – over the course of a couple of hours, we established how hard I would fuck her face, and she left me a hot, hot message – her voice was sweet, seductive.  And then she disappeared.  I pestered her (stalked her?) a little, bummed that someone with whom I had seemingly connected so well was seemingly uninterested in connecting again, more, or in person.

Eventually I gave up.

I even forgot about her.

A week or two ago, I set up a new OKCupid profile, not my old one, and messaged a few women who turned up.  I mentioned my blog, and introduced myself.  But OKC continues to be a total waste of time and energy for me.  I’ve had exactly two conversations prior to this morning with anyone using my new profile, and each was a polite blow-off.

But this morning….

We had the usual back-and-forth pleasantries, and then, in her third message, after I observed that she was looking up in all her pictures, she informed me, “I love looking up when giving head.”

I confirm she’s real, that she’s female – she sends another hot picture.  In this one, she’s wearing glasses, and she shows me her iPhone’s calendar, with today’s date.  DAMN, she’s hot.  I can see her hair, her eyes, her cheeks, her nose, her lips – all look delightful.  But I can’t see her tongue.  I need to see her tongue, touching something – her lips, a pencil, food.  I need to feel her tongue on my cock.

She looks fun – her smile is frisky, mischievous, naughty.  And I’m already deep in a fantasy that has my head buried in her crotch, tasting her, the flavorful juices dripping out of her wet cunt – wet even before I touch her.  And that has her kneeling, pleading:  “I want your cock,” she says – she appears to be saying even in the pictures.  “I need your cock.”

And her mouth, as I imagine it, lowers down on me, applying pressure, suction.  It feels tight, smooth.  And she allows me to seize control, pulling her head up by her hair, pushing it down, holding it down, thrilling in the sensation of her tongue flicking, lapping, even as she can’t lift her head and gasps just a little.

I lift her head up and flip her over, face-first on the bed.  I tear down her jeans, but not far, and push her head into the mattress with one hand, holding her ass with a loose grip as I plunge my cock into her from behind.

I grab a sharpie and write an “F” on her ass, and then I use the letter as a target – I spank her, hard, as I’m fucking her.  Just because she told me she likes the letter….

It’s her tongue I want to see next.

And, to know that I’m right, that she is wet, that her hand did find her clit as she read this, that she stroked herself idly, or not so idly….

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