In charge

I like giving instructions.

Wear the black boyshorts with the buttons.

Take a picture of your left breast, in your right hand.

Play with yourself while imagining my cock in your mouth.

Cum in my voicemail.

When you send me a picture, or a movie, when you leave me a voicemail or when you tell me you’ve done as I asked, my cock instantly is hard, my arousal intense.

I’m intrigued, though:  I don’t always look at the picture or the movie right away.  I don’t always listen to the voicemail of you cumming.  Eventually, I do, yes – but for me the real turn-on is just in knowing you’ve done it.  I like the power – the power you give me by doing as I ask.  The respect – the respect you show me by indulging my wishes.  It makes me so hot to know that my desires are your desires, that you want me to have what I want.

Turns out, that’s what I want.

One comment

  1. Learning more, here.

    The power and anticipation are better than the audio/video/photo?

    I guess I would find more pleasure in the creating and sending of said audio/video/photo than the finished product.

    Thank god the whole thing feels so damn good.

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