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Google now mostly masks the terms people are searching for when they come to this site, but there’s still (there are still) some good data available, and it’s (they’re) interesting.

Here’s what’s most interesting to me: if you Google “Hasidic pussy” – or “Hasidic porn” – or “Hasid porn” I’m the first result. If you google “Hasidic nude” I’m #2. This is intriguing, because, best I can tell, I’ve written exactly two posts on the subject of Hasidim at a swing party (and none about pussy, or porn, or nudes).

This Google fact drives a shocking amount of traffic to my web site. Including, recently, a chick who recently e-mailed me some unsolicited nudes and then disappeared, after confessing her desire for Hasidic and other “abnormal” men, denying (unaccused) that she was a trans man (“I AM NOT TRANS,” she wrote, a propos of nothing, “im just a hairy small tittied punk rock naturally born female” [sic].)

Maybe I’ll come up with some other interesting nuggets in the coming days. But I liked this one.

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