Thanks for letting me fuck your wife

Is that what you say?

What is it that you say when a non-poly guy, whose wife you’ve been seeing for months – with his blessing, or at least, acquiescence – wants to talk?

And what do you write about it if you have a blog?

I have answers to both questions, but I’m afraid they’ll have to wait.  Right now, this is playing out in real time.  If you read L‘s blog, you know that she’s feeling frustrated.  I’ve tried to address that in private, via e-mail.  I’d prefer to handle things just between us.

Intimacy in public is a very strange thing, one with which I’m totally unfamiliar.  But my instinct is to maintain some privacy as we work through this.  I’m confident we will, and I’m confident it’ll find its way back into this space, whatever its resolution.  But for the moment, not so much….

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