May 292015

I’m creative. My interactions with every woman are different, depending on the woman, my mood, our history, our relationship. But there are, as regular readers know, a number of constants in my interactions. Today, I’d like to share a little about the themes, strategies, and requests that typically characterize my early attempts to get to […]

Nov 212014

I just posted this “code of conduct” here. For archival purposes, I’m posting it here, as a post, on the blog as well. The page will change over time. This post won’t. It’s intended to show you my starting point. Assurances I offer: Data security:I will do my best to keep anything you send me […]

Nov 212014

I’m in a position of responsibility and trust. I value this position, treasure it, even. And, I get off on it. Over the last few years, a number of women have trusted me enough to let me use their bodies in person and virtually, knowing that, at any time, I could write anything I might […]

May 162013

Hyacinth wrote an excellent post recently on the challenges of writing a sex blog and living a life – keeping the blog secret from the people from whom it’s supposed to be secret, telling those you want to tell, and sharing the right amount of information all around. Her post seems to have been in […]

Jun 282012

Lately, the business of being N, and of managing relationships with “Distant Buddies,” has been interesting.  P, about whom I’ve written a fair amount (Folly), has been having a lot go on in her life, and while I think things are substantively unchanged between us (we still plan to meet, and soon-ish), the earlier frenzy […]

Jun 202012

I was chatting the other day with Liza, and she asked me about the evolution of my “distant buddy” relationships – how they have started, what their progression has been, and, in particular, how they have grown from being purely sexual, simply tawdry affairs into something… more, different. There have been four substantive such relationships […]