Some promises

I’m in a position of responsibility and trust. I value this position, treasure it, even. And, I get off on it.

Over the last few years, a number of women have trusted me enough to let me use their bodies in person and virtually, knowing that, at any time, I could write anything I might like about them, that I could post, or distribute, anything they sent me.

And they’ve done much for me. Sucked my cock, allowed me to tie them up, to write on them, pose them for my pleasure. They’ve sent me photos, videos, sound files. They’ve made themselves enormously vulnerable to me, all while never learning my real name.

Many of these relationships have ended. Some with a bang, others with a whimper, all but one or two amicably.

And throughout, I think I can confidently say that while I’ve on occasion been insensitive, or selfish, or foolish, I’ve never even remotely come close to betraying the trust of anyone who’s honored me with it.

I wrote the other day about a woman who trusted me with her name, her face, and her entire nude body, all within hours of “meeting” me. (We never actually met.) And then, in an instant, she was gone.

This strikes me as unwise.

Not that I’m a threat to her. I’m not. But still… if you’re going to give me the power to affect your life dramatically, you probably should have very good reason to trust me.

For this reason, I never would ask a woman to send me a picture of her face, or to tell me her full name. (Some women have sent me pictures with their faces in them. I welcome this. And once that trust has been bestowed on me, I might well ask for a reprise. But I’ll never be the one to initiate the inclusion of your face in otherwise compromising shots or videos.)

When Luna and I started our fling, she asked me to sign an agreement with her. She proposed some language to me. I strengthened the protections it offered her. The agreement we settled on can be seen here.

I thought it might be helpful to offer up something similar to all, to anyone interacting with me in any way, just so you know explicitly what you may expect in your interactions with me.

I expect this to be a work in progress, to iterate in service of continuous improvement, and for that reason, invite and welcome any suggestions, questions comments, or concerns. And I’ll give that “code of conduct” its own page, one which I will update to reflect my latest thinking on the subject.

And above all, I will never ask anyone to “trust me.” I hope to earn trust, and to demonstrate what I offer in the way of trustworthiness. But in the end, it’s a crazy risk to share some of what some of you have shared with me. I don’t imagine I ever would do it, as exhibitionistic as I am, and so if you offer me your trust, I will gratefully, hungrily accept it. But I’ll never demand it, and will always strive to earn it.

Let me know your thoughts.

I’ll post my first draft code of conduct shortly….

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