May 182014

“We’re getting married. We haven’t set a date yet, but it’s more than a year off. Do you have any advice?” I have lots of advice. For this sexy young bartender, in particular, I’d say: 1) You really really should suck my cock before you stop sucking other guys’ cocks, if you haven’t already. If […]

May 152014

Here are some things in the hopper: An update on the ever-hot, ever-stimulating Sofia. A brief musing on the nature of beauty, in the form of an exchange with a new distant buddy in the UK. Advice to that hot young woman who offered me her sake about marriage. (Spoiler: she really should suck my […]

May 122014

She’s small – maybe 5 feet. Maybe not even. She wore a tight grey tank. Her breasts – round, full – strained at the tank. Her eyes are deep deep brown. She has a super-cute dimple in her right cheek, close to her lips. She has a big mouth (literally and figuratively – “I talk […]