Lots to write, no time

Here are some things in the hopper:

An update on the ever-hot, ever-stimulating Sofia.

A brief musing on the nature of beauty, in the form of an exchange with a new distant buddy in the UK.

Advice to that hot young woman who offered me her sake about marriage. (Spoiler: she really should suck my cock.)

Thoughts on whether I would accept a blowjob from a super hot, super smart woman, with an absolutely anathematic-to-mine view of sex (see my policy), in exchange for something (not money) she wants badly from me.

A memory of a long-ago squash game with a hot older woman, and how it might go differently today.

And lots of orgasms, some from close to home, some from far away, all really fucking hot.

And more. Much, much more.

I wish I could give it all to you at once. I wish I could give any of it to you now. But there’s just too much going on.


I promise.

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