Jun 032014

A correspondent asked me the following set of questions. She asked that I “explain why [I] answered as [I] did,” but I think I’ll leave that for another day, or for never…. Flexible or inflexible (and I don’t mean physically)?  Flexible Trusting or skeptical?  Trusting Imprecise or pedantic?  Pedantic Passive or aggressive?  Aggressive Logical or […]

Feb 012014

Assuming you had willing partner/s at your disposal, what would be your ideal frequency of sexual activities? Please also detail frequency of particular acts (PIV, BJ’s etc) in your ideal world. It’s funny. That question feels very surreal to me. What with kids, work, life. And the fact that I have my wife. I think […]

Jan 072013

A loyal, and articulate, reader wrote me the other day that she likes reading my generically hot posts, and posts about sex and sexuality, but not those that recount specific encounters, because they make her feel unwelcomedly voyeuristic. Others have told me they don’t like such specific tales because they make them jealous, or envious. […]

Apr 192012
Agony aunt

One of the perks of being a sex blogger is that, from time to time, a lovely lady will write me with a delicious question, one that gets me hard just to ponder, let alone to answer.  Just the other day, I was privileged to have such a question, and my questioner was generous enough […]