Preparing for a date

I was asked, “How do you prepare for a date?”

Typically, there are three categories of preparation: physical, mental, and interpersonal. With some overlap.

Physically, I typically dress in clothes that I want to feel my date remove from me. Usually, jeans, black cotton boxer briefs, and a t-shirt. Or a nice button-down shirt. Sometimes, work might make that uniform more challenging, in which case, I will choose my work outfit that day informed by these concerns. If I can, I like to shower and change before a date, but that’s often not possible, given the vagaries of my schedule. It is, though, my preference. And when a visit to the gym can facilitate that, and my schedule can accommodate it, that would be my preference. And, though I generally smell good… I like, all things equal, to have fresh clothes on that themselves smell good. Not that the end-of-the-day smell of N. isn’t a good one – it is. But the fresh-laundered, fresh-clean smell of N. is especially good as well.

Mentally, when I’m in peak form, and have the time I would like, I might write a draft of a post or two for this blog to describe one way I might imagine the evening going. I’ll typically find myself – voluntarily or not – devoting a not inconsiderable chunk of time in meditation for a day or two previous to the date ruminating on possibilities. At a minimum, I’ll sit with a scotch in hand, and jot down a few notes to myself in a little notebook, or in a note on my phone.

And interpersonally? I like the ratchet. I like to drive up the heat in the hours and days before a date. In the last year or so – I’ve had far fewer dates, and been far busier – I’ve fallen down on this. But my aspiration is to make you wet, wanting, desperate, before the date – both generally, and for me, in particular. I might flood your inbox with GIFs of things I might want to do to you, use you for. I might ratchet up our engagement, sending you hot thoughts, having you edge repeatedly and deny you orgasms. I might give you tasks that will make sure your mind is focused on our date. But by the time the date comes? My hope is that my cock will be hard, your cunt will be wet, and we both will be dying to relieve our shared… tension.

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