Feb 282015

Key moments in this video, produced, thoughtfully, by PornHub: 1) Beeta-tester. Sorry, Brits. But to us ‘mericans, it’s funny to hear this. 2) Wanking warriors. 3) Jacking ON. I will totally buy this.

Mar 312014
Sex tips for straight women from a gay man

I just saw a poster for a new show: And it got me thinking. Cosmo always has silly articles along these lines, as do men’s magazines. But they’re all based on this weird, reductionistic assumption that seems intuitively asinine to me: sex is about anatomy. No good sex that I’ve ever had has been about […]

Apr 192012

My web host sucks.  Seriously. This shouldn’t be your problem, but it is. Suffice it to say, I have nothing good to say about Godaddy.  I chose them – in spite of (not because of) their ads, because I read some good things about them.  And because my office had used them.  But turns out […]