Happy to do my part

Key moments in this video, produced, thoughtfully, by PornHub:

1) Beeta-tester. Sorry, Brits. But to us ‘mericans, it’s funny to hear this.

2) Wanking warriors.

3) Jacking ON.

I will totally buy this.

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  1. The thoughts on desire versus attraction have been on my mind since I read your email days ago. I think the two are fused together but attraction is cool, factual maybe, and desire woven through attraction and it swells if all systems are working… I’m still not sure but you made me wonder about how we womwn are different. I have a feeling it has everything to do with our concepts of lourselves in sex, pleasure and love. Our perceptions start us out somewhere and if that somewhere is stifling, we’ll have problems with that flow of enjoyment. (As you see I don’t know but it’s a curious thing to think about.)

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