Feb 022012
Coffee shop

She sits across from me.  Her hair is black, curly, pulled back tight in a chignon.  Her eyes are hazel.  She looks distracted.  She wears black leggings and brown boots, a black v-neck t-shirt and a light blue sweater, unbuttoned, a silk scarf around her neck.  A tiny necklace with a copper serving spoon and […]

Feb 022012
A three-hour blowjob

Is it really too much to ask for? This, actually, is my holy grail. Or maybe my holy grail is a four-hour blowjob.  Or longer. There are a couple of obstacles to its achievement, however: 1)  Life.  Like, who has four or more hours (or even three) for a blowjob? 2)  The problem of generosity:  […]

Feb 012012

I see her through the shop window.  Her hair is blonde, curly, long.  Her eyes, blue, clear.  Her body’s curves capture me.  She is the image of Beauty. I am paralyzed by her – she has teeth, a smile, a dimple on her left cheek, that captivate me, that render me speechless.

Jan 302012
A spanking

The phone rang. “Get in my office!” The secretary walked into the boss’s office. “What happened to that presentation I left for you to copy?” “Presentation?  What presentation?” “The presentation.  I e-mailed it to you at 10 this morning.” “You did?!?  I …  I must have missed it.” The boss paused, opened the computer. “Wait… […]

Jan 292012
Submissive sought

Gentle dom seeks sub for playful relationship.  No pain, humiliation.  Just sensual good times. She wrote back an hour after the ad was posted.  She was, she said, 21, brunette, buxom.  She sent an unimaginably hot picture.  Exotic-looking, olive-skinned, long brunette hair, a tight dress, an unbelievably hot body. I was sure she was a […]

Jan 252012
Distant rendezvous

I sit in the bar, waiting.  It’s dark.  The piano player is in his cups.  My phone vibrates with your text:  “I’m at the airport. Be there shortly.” I told you what to wear (a tiny black dress, heels, thigh-highs, black boyshorts, strapless bra, a choker and diamond earrings).  I bought your plane ticket.  And […]

Jan 112012

L has officially thrown in the towel in our contest.  On the plus side, she wrote an awesome story, weaving together a bunch of the tweets that have been scrolling by on my Twitter feed.  I’ve asked her permission to publish it here, or at least a teaser of it…. And on second thought, since the […]