The other day, I wrote about Jade Moreyand all the nasty, filthy things I imagined doing with her and, in particular, her doing to me.  I offended at least one reader whose politics are different than mine.  Sorry.  If you don’t want to read one more post on my relationship with Jade, simply don’t click the “read more” link.  Or, if you don’t want to read my musings and want, instead, to stick to the more purely erotic posts, don’t click through.  And regardless, please rest assured that this is my last post on the subject of this half-wit.

There is one hot sentence at the very end of the post, though, in which I contemplate Jade standing over me, dressed deliciously, as I admire her gorgeous body even as she’s flogging me, her ass barely contained by her leather pants, her breasts spilling out over a spandex bustier, riding crop in hand….

Anyway – my wife read the first post and was concerned for my legal liability.  I am reasonably confident I’m ok….

I pondered this, and did a little reading on my own.  Now, I’m not a first amendment lawyer either (hell, I’m not even a lawyer) – but I think that the potential perils to which I conceivably could (have) expose/d myself are charges of 1) libel, and 2) harassment.  The former can’t possibly be true – I didn’t say anything about Jade Morey, lame-ass political advocate though she may be, that is remotely libelous, or knowingly, untruthfully, defamatory.  All I did was express my views about her opinions – surely protected speech.

Harassment is a bit squishier:  as far as I can tell, the key element of harassment is that it has to be directed at its target.  If I write letters to Jade Morey with the intent of making her life miserable, that’s harassment; but if I write articles about her with the intent of making her life miserable?  Or, as I did, with the intent of making a political point (namely, that opinions are private and shouldn’t be aimed at one another’s bodies)?  I’m pretty sure that’s advocacy.  (Though I’d love a bona fide first-amendment lawyer to tell me I’m wrong.)

The thing that gives me the most pause about writing about Jade – even this much – is that, for so long, women have struggled to be seen as other than sex objects.  The tendency to objectify women, to reduce women to their sexuality at the expense of respecting their accomplishments and opinions, is ubiquitous, constant.  When we read about women in business or politics, invariably, their looks are a (big) part of the story, and it is too easy to reduce a woman to nothing more than a sexual object.

Which leads me to two conclusions:  first, I need to look for a right-wing man to objectify.  Joe Scarborough?  I think I’d suck his cock, if circumstances were right.  I mean, he’s cute, and though he’s a right-wing douchebag, he at least is occasionally reasonable.  Or Ari Fleischer?  (He was involved in the Komen scandal too – maybe I could whip him a little….)  Or Sean Hannity?  I don’t know – the pickings are slim.  Maybe Rick Santorum?  Now I have to say, it could be fun to produce a frothy mix of lube and fecal matter with HIM…..

And second, back to Jade:  I still do want her to whip me, dressed super-sexy in black leather, to stand over me in her five-inch stiletto heels, and to humiliate me – to call me out for the shameless left-winger that I am.

Forgive me, but I think that would be fun.  I have a particular thing for uber-white blonde chicks who are strong, opinionated, and sexy.  (There was a time I even had a crush on Tanya Tucker and Tonya Harding.)

Jade Morey surely is those things.  (And so’s Rick Santorum.  Except for the “chick” part….)

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