Sensory deprivation

What is it about sensory deprivation?

I imagine you with your senses limited to touch, taste, and smell – and cognition.  You are blindfolded, hands tied, legs tied, earphones in your ears.  All you know about what I’m doing to you is conveyed by and through your flesh.

You don’t know if the next touch will be a gentle caress of your neck, a violent pinch of a nipple, a kiss, a bite, a lick.  You can call up your memory of past interactions to imagine what’s next, but I keep you on your toes, vary my routine.

You don’t know if candle wax will drip on your belly, or an icy drop of water will fall on your clit.

Whether the next hit will come from a hand, or a paddle, or a belt.

Whether the next bite will be soft or hard.

When my finger, or cock, or tongue, or toy will dive into your mouth, or your cunt.

Or how long it will stay.

You don’t know when I’ll start, when I’ll finish, whether I’ll cum, whether you’ll cum.

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