Aug 312013

My current funk surely is, in some ways, related to my somewhat diminished recent activity as “N.” Regular readers will have noticed that the blog has been more… ruminative… of late, featuring far fewer tales of exploits, and far more internal wanderings and wonderings. Lots of musings, very few stories of sexual exploits (my last […]

Aug 142013
On being down

I’ve spent much of my life in pain. This doesn’t, in any way, distinguish me from anyone else. In the olden days, I was hell bent on experiencing life as pain – as a never-ending recitation of wishes that things be different than they are. This made me very effective in the world of work: […]

Aug 132013

V observed I haven’t written much lately. Partly, that’s circumstantial. The summer (and it’s summer here in the northern hemisphere) presents scheduling challenges that are different than those presented by the rest of the year, and I’m less adept at managing them. Partly, though, it’s temperamental. I’ve been noticing that I’m a bit… down. Well, […]