Jun 202012

I was chatting the other day with Liza, and she asked me about the evolution of my “distant buddy” relationships – how they have started, what their progression has been, and, in particular, how they have grown from being purely sexual, simply tawdry affairs into something… more, different. There have been four substantive such relationships […]

Mar 192012

“I’ve been thinking about your lips, about how it would feel for my cock to slide along them, between them.” She responds, in moments, with a photo of her luscious, pouting lips. “Good girl.” Some hours pass.  I write, “I’m haunted by the thought of my hands, between your legs, cupping your ass, pressing the […]

Jan 162012

I know you have your kids, and are busy, but in advance of our “date,” I would appreciate the following: 1) To the extent plausible/possible, please set a date and let me know when it will be. 2) Please lay out for me, and allow me to choose among, various of your items of clothing […]

Jan 022012

Please only do this if it appeals. But I hope it will. Please pick a night when you’re free to go out. Dress better than you usually do. Maybe a cocktail dress or gown, and sexy lingerie – as if you’ve been somewhere really fancy. Go to the fanciest hotel bar you can find – […]

Dec 192011

She does as I ask. Some days, I select her underwear. A few days ago, I asked her to send me pictures of her wearing a variety of clothes in which she feels sexy.  Within an hour, the stream of photos began arriving – in a corporate skirt, in yoga pants, in a summer robe, […]

Dec 092011
Morning wood

I rolled over this morning to find an e-mail from 1,000 miles away.  The subject:  "Morning."  The e-mail contained no words – just a picture of her crotch,  jeans unzipped and folded open, showing the front panel of her thong, baby blue with pink polka dots.

Dec 082011
She lives 1,000 miles away

Literally. We have never met. I begin many days by asking her to send me a picture. Left to her own devices, she would send crude, nude, spread shots. I’ve taught her to see the beauty in (or trained her to feed my hunger for?) a little more subtlety, nuance. I’ll take a curve pressing […]