She does as I ask.

Some days, I select her underwear.
A few days ago, I asked her to send me pictures of her wearing a variety of clothes in which she feels sexy.  Within an hour, the stream of photos began arriving – in a corporate skirt, in yoga pants, in a summer robe, a winter robe, a cute tight top, a denim skirt, a casual dress, a summer dress.
She is hot – beautiful eyes and lips, in particular.  Her body has had some work.  This is, to my mind, unfortunate.  She sent me one tantalizing “before” picture of her nude, on her knees, looking up at the camera.  Her breasts were so delicious-looking.  Not that there’s anything wrong with them now:  they look great, particularly when straining against fabric.  But I’ll take what God gave over what money can buy any day when it comes to the body.  Plus, the scars….  She has a meaty, yummy ass.  She has some freckles.  I want her.
Alas, I’ll never meet her.  She’s a thousand miles away.
After the stream of photos, I wrote, “Such fucking hot pictures last night.”
“I liked taking them for you.”
“You make a delicious remote sub. I’m inclined to push further with you, to give you assignments that are harder, but that might be more fun.”
And her response – the sort that makes a dom like me – a tentative, polite, respectful dom, one who enjoys dominating but still hasn’t quite gotten over the whole “I’m a sensitive guy” thing – go weak in the knees:
“I’d be willing to do anything that turned you on.”
I believe she means it.

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