Hunger, and feedback

In recent weeks, three distant buddies have been, each in their own way, feeding my hunger. And my hunger, as I often say, is an appetite the feeding of which intensifies, rather than sates, it.

Sofia – my longest-standing distant buddy – returned to me after a lengthy hiatus. I’m not sure what happened in her life to make her decide that feeding me would, again, feel good for her. But I’m grateful. Our relationship has matured over the years: where, years ago, it was 100% sex 100% of the time, nowadays, we are… friends. We talk about our lives, about our work, about our social situations. And, we talk about sex. She makes me jealous by telling me about her various fuck-buddies and dates and hookups. And, she feeds me incredibly hot images and videos of her incredibly hot body. And, her face. Years ago? She didn’t send me pictures of her face. But now, we’ve reached a degree of trust where she knows both that I never would jeopardize her privacy intentionally (even if, God forbid, our relationship went terribly sideways) and that I have sufficiently good e-hygiene that what she sends me is safer on my end than on hers. Not saying anything about her end. But saying that everything I do lies behind (at least) ridiculous, random passwords and two-factor authentication, if not even greater security. Anyway: Sofia and I have been at it again. She anticipates my hungers and gives me precisely what I want, even before I ask it, and she makes me want more. From her, and from others.

Marina – my most recent distant buddy, about whom I haven’t previously written but about whom I expect I will more, soon enough – has been burning up the internet between us. She leaped to Sofia’s level of trust almost instantly, sending me pictures of her pretty face at the same time as she introduced herself to me. I don’t think she knew what she was getting herself into when she contacted me from the “contact me” page of this blog, but, suffice it to say, she’s had several dozen orgasms, and taxed my e-mail’s storage capacity with the images and videos and audio recordings she’s generated for me. Our time availability has overlapped nicely on at least a few occasions, so I’ve been able to take control of her cunt remotely, and deny – and grant – and deny – and grant – orgasms to great effect. Like Sophia, Marina is playful, and creative, and open-minded – and interested in pleasing me.

And a third, about whom I wrote much years ago, but then all the words pertaining to whom I took down, at her request, because reasons. She has returned just a bit. We’ve reprised a previous game we played – “Clothing for conversation” – in which I direct her undressing at the “cost” of conversation topics in which we engage. She’s smart. Enigmatic. And also playful. Less interested at this point in open-ended compliance; more interested in simply engaging on mutually acceptable terms. Which we’ve been doing, and will continue to do. Including a playful periodic video meeting in which we… discuss… sex and sexuality.

All three have, each in her own way, made my cock hard in recent days. A welcome development.

Now. A bit about Sofia and Marina.

I’ve been hatching a fantasy – or a set of fantasies – involving the two of them. Each of them is the kind of woman who, if and when we ever meet in person, will, would, be open to sex not just me but with others. And so, I’ve been imagining a sort of virtual threesome. I’ve now mentioned it to each of them, and neither has jumped at it. Sofia’s response was, simply, “That sounds hot.” Marina – with whom I’ve discussed it at somewhat greater length – seems both to be intrigued and to be cautious, skeptical, unsure. I’ve promised each I would flesh out a bit what I might have in mind, and here is just one example of what I’m thinking:

I lay out the scope of the game. For our first go-round, the two women are to be my erotic muses, at a distance. I will dress them each – likely in sexy lingerie, a sexy dress, heels, as if to go out. I will collect two photos, and one video, from each of them. In the photos, they will simply be front and rear shots of their pretty bodies, dressed as I’ve asked them to dress for me – and for each other. In their videos, I will ask them each to introduce themselves to one another, in one minute. To say their names. To say a little about themselves. And, to say anything they think the other should know about them and their sexuality before embarking on this adventure.

Then, I will give the first instruction – to Sofia: Sofia, I will say, first, imagine what item of clothing of Marina’s you (I) might like to see removed. And, while touching your pussy, record a short audio recording of yourself instructing Marina to remove that item. Then, I want you to look at Marina’s body, and imagine how I might like to see it. Compose several photographs of yourself (three? five? ten?), posing, as you imagine I might like to see Marina pose. And, of course, as you imagine I might like to see you pose.

To Marina I will then say, please, do as Sofia asked. Pose yourself as she has posed herself, after removing the item she specified. And now, please, do as I asked Sofia to do in the previous paragraph: while touching your pussy, please, tell Sofia what item of clothing you (I) might like her to remove. And then, do again as Sofia did – pose your body as you imagine I might (you might) like to see it posed. In three, five, ten photos.

[At this point I should say, while I like the idea of the women directing one another in this way, it would detract hardly at all for me to do 100 percent of the direction in this game.]

This game might go back and forth until both beautiful women are nude, and splayed out for me. At which time, if all were to be perfectly aligned, the three of us might convene by video conference. My hard cock would be in my hand. Each of them would be arrayed as I would direct. And together, the three of us – at my direction, instigation, restraint, and permission – would, simultaneously, bring ourselves to an orgasm. A giant geographic triangle of hotness, spanning much of the western hemisphere.

I think the internet just might explode.

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