Do I offer what you crave?

Do you offer what I crave?

If you answer either question, “yes,” you answer both “yes.”

Does the idea of being used by me for my pleasure make you feel a jump in your stomach? In your cunt?

Do you ache to serve me, to give me what(ever) it is that I want?

Do you want – actively want – to subordinate your desires to mine?

Do you ache to hand over your sexual agency to me? To dress as I ask? To come when I ask? Not to come unless I ask?

Do you want to please me? To serve me? To be a good girl for me?

One question, more than any other, will determine our suitability for one another: can you commit to never, under any circumstances, saying “no” to me? This doesn’t mean you must agree in advance to any request I may have, but it does mean you have to want to do so, if at all possible, and that, if you find yourself unable to give me what I want, you will, nonetheless, remain committed to coming as close as possible, to working with me to maximize the extent to which you can meet my desires, consistent with your comfort.

Is this you?

If so, we really should talk.


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