Dec 112014

Once again, Tinder has suspended my account. I was about to write a fun post on my various Tinder interactions, but they’re all gone. So I can’t. Sad smile

The “conversion rate” on Tinder is exceedingly low. You’ve read here about all but one of my Tinder dates (and I sort of hope to write about it at some point – I just haven’t gotten to it – there’s a draft that’s been sitting in my “drafts” pile for way too long). But at any given time, I have 50-60 matches, of whom I’m engaged conversationally with, say, 5-10. So I just lost 5-10 somewhat active conversations, one or more of which might, conceivably, some day, have led to meeting, I suppose.

It’s not a HUGE deal – my life is, thankfully, pretty damned good right now, dating-wise. But it always throws me. Not least because I just hate leaving conversations mid-stream with no explanation. I hate it when people do that to me on Tinder (and they do, all the time). I never do it.

And also, because Tinder is pretty much the perfect way for me to meet people.


If I left our conversation mid-stream, it’s because Tinder’s suspended me. Here’s hoping they let me back on soon. Meanwhile, I’m not too hard to find other ways.

  2 Responses to “Tinder”

  1. I was wondering why I haven’t heard from you. I’m very intrigued by your blogs and they have opened me up into a world I am anxious to explore!

  2. I think my account may have been suspended for the same reason, but I wish they would have the balls to just tell me so, rather than just never connecting my FB account. Server error my ass.

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