Brooklyn is my newest stretching partner. 

Her Seeking profile says she’s from New York, but when she logged on from her basement, I got a distinctly Midwestern vibe. Sure enough, I was right. When I asked her to give herself a name, she chose Brooklyn. 

I said to her, “No one in New York is named Brooklyn.” And then I corrected myself. “That’s not quite right. There are some Black Brooklyns in New York. I’ve known one. I’ve heard of a couple of others.” But this Brooklyn is white and presents as innocent, bubbly, with a distinctly homey vibe. By “homey,” I mean nice, sweet, kind. Maybe even a little naive.

I don’t detect an edge in Brooklyn, and I don’t associate an edge with the name Brooklyn. Except for the borough in the city of New York, which used to have much more of an edge.

Brooklyn is blonde and bubbly. Her blonde is a dirty blonde—not very dirty, but a little dirty. Quickly after we began speaking, she was interested in my blog. And as occasionally happens, she found some stuff she likes there. It wasn’t long before she sent me this orgasm and these photos, which I share with you for your delectation.

I’m excited about Brooklyn. She’s promising. 

She’s been devouring my accounts of dates over the years.

I asked her about her sex life. It’s been pretty circumscribed since the birth of her daughter a few years ago. She’s a single mom with 50-50 custody. To my mind, that leaves half the week for play. It doesn’t seem that’s her experience. So instead, she’ll have to settle for vicarious enjoyment of my sex life, and more than that, my sexual history, with her eyes, her fingers, and her vibrators. Hopefully you’ll be hearing much more, and of, her.

And, BONUS ORGASM. After she read this post, I asked for – and received – this.

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