What’s “hot” to me?

A woman, whom I have not yet given a name, noticed that I like hot women. She wasn’t clear, though, on just what makes a woman hot to me. I’ve written about this a little bit, particularly as it relates to my type, inasmuch as I have a type. But as I reflect on the question, I think it’s wort revisiting.

First, what makes a woman hot is my bodily response to her.

Second, what drives my bodily response varies widely from woman to woman.

Third, unquestionably, my body responds more reliably to small women, short women, slender women. But it doesn’t respond consistently to those women, nor does it not respond consistently to women who are taller, larger, or even fat.

Fourth, I’ve written extensively about how susceptible I am to a woman’s voice, how predictive it is of my excitement. Little matters to me more than a woman’s voice.

Fifth, how a woman interacts with me affects my body’s response. Is she excited, enthused by me? Does she interact with me respectfully? Does she indicate a propensity to understand, internalize, accept, and live by the ways in which I crave compliance? I’ve written extensively on this too, and compliance does not mean saying yes to everything I ask. It means answering my questions promptly and respectfully, saying yes whenever possible, and when not possible, saying no in [placeholder for a link I can’t find to how to say “no” to me] ways that are sad, respectful, curious, creative. Saying no can be even hotter than saying yes, if done well.

So, I suppose the answer to the question of what makes a woman hot to me remains a bit open. Suffice it to say, this woman, the one who has not yet chosen a name, seems pretty fucking hot thus far.

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