Thanks, AI!

She appears to be of Indian descent. Standing at about 5’2″, she is dressed in sneakers, black yoga shorts, and a cream-colored cotton long-sleeve jersey. She accessorizes with a black cap and a bright, presumably faux, gold necklace and earrings.

Her face is narrow and angular, with a long nose and full lips. She has earbuds in and is engrossed in whatever is on her phone. Her cap’s visor shields her eyes, which I briefly saw to be brown and bright. Her hair is styled in a thick braid that hangs over her left shoulder, ending just above her breast.

She is quite beautiful, yet her expression is serious. Her choice of jewelry suggests that we may not have much in common. Her nails are painted an iridescent pink. Upon closer inspection, I notice that her cream-colored shirt bears the word ‘NANTUCKET’ across her chest.

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