A few quick thoughts

We had a promising initial back-and-forth.

I’ll be curious to see if/where it goes. In the mean time… here’s a teaser of who/how I am:

She’s in her early 30s. My fingers are crossed that she’s not really in her early 30s, that she’s really in her late 30s. Or even older. I like me the grown-ups.

Her smile – pretty, sweet – is just a tiny bit sad. She’s had loss. Real loss – like, death. And some emotional disappointment, as well. She’s hungry to be shown attention in a form that’s not disappointing. She’s had too little of that.

She’s smart. Wise, even. She knows more than anyone her age should.

She’s fun. But it’s work for her to be fun. She wish the “fun” came easier. Hell – I bet she wishes the coming came easier. But that may well be wrong. What do I know? All I have is five pictures, and a few words.

She likes having her ass spanked. She’s essentially confessed to that with her pictures. Which is all well and good. But. I hope only ever to spank her as a reward, and never, ever, as a punishment. Because that’s how I roll.

I’m waiting on a reply for her. My fingers are crossed. My cock is in my hand. An awkward position, for sure.

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