What your profile says to me

  1. I know I have good curves
  2. I’m not confident about my face – partly, yes, because this is “Seeking,” and I don’t want to be identifiable to my family and friends and their friends – but also because… I just have a little insecurity about it. [Not saying I think I’m ugly; I don’t. In fact, people always tell me that I’m pretty. That I’m sexy. That I’m hot. Even, that I’m beautiful. I just don’t feel beautiful. I feel cute. And “cute” isn’t so hot. That’s the main reason my pictures have me at a distance. So you can’t validate my own sense that I’m not hot, but rather, that I’m “cute.”
  3. I’m a little lonely.
  4. I want money.
  5. I want company.
  6. I’m ambivalent about this whole thing!!!!!!

Ok. So that’s what your profile says to me.

Here’s what I say to you:

  1. You’re fucking hot. I’m dying to see that face of yours up close. To hold it between my hands, pull it towards me as I look in your eyes, and say to you…. Well, I won’t say to you here what it is that I’m dying to say to you in that circumstance – not, at least, without a green light from you. Suffice it to say, it might start with, “Holy shit – your eyes are so fucking pretty.”
  2. I want to know you. That could be by e-mail/text. It could be on Zoom (if you want to stretch/work out with me).
  3. You should read my blog – at mydissolutelife.com/hi – to get a sense of whether you want to get to know me. I know (see #2 above) that I want to know you.
  4. Read my profile though. There’s money in me, but it’s only available for the stretching/working out gig. Anything else? That’s not in “arrangement” land. So we may or may not be compatible.

What say you?

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