Referral spam?

I have a couple of “readers” who comment prolifically. Mary Wood. Lisa Stone. They’re the most prominent. But there’s a couple of others.

I don’t know quite what to make of these. Their comments emanate from a diverse set of IP addresses. They tend to be laconic. A few words. And they all sport links to super-spammy web sites. But not in an egregious way. Just in a way that seems to be calculated to register with Google. (I nearly wrote “search engines,” but thanks to lackluster antitrust enforcement, there really is only one.)

I’ve emailed each of them once or twice at the email addresses they provide with their comments, but have never heard back.

Are they real people? Do they actually read every post I write? Are they bots? I just don’t know.

Today, I removed all those spurious, spammy links. I encourage “Mary” and “Lisa” (and”Mark,” too) to reach out to me. Explain to me your deal. But until then, I’ll be stripping your spammy links from each comment.

Sorry about that.



  1. Yes. I am a real living person who read your blog. I communicate with many bloggers online. None of them have been bothered by the fact that I read and comment on their articles. You’re the first. But since this is a problem for you, I will no longer read, comment on your blog. I will ask my friends to do the same. Read it yourself what you wrote. Goodbye.

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