I can’t make much out. Her big, black, over-the-ear headphones obscure her brown (with blonde streaks) hair. Her light blue cotton mask covers well over half her face, leaving only her bright hazel eyes exposed. I think her nose is angular. I think her cheekbones are high.

Her black leather motorcycle jacket is formless, shapeless. She has a big black backpack on her lap. From the side, I can see she’s wearing a short, thin, black skirt or dress with white snowflakes patterning it, and a Burberry-style cashmere scarf further obscures my view.

Really, all I can see is her slender, toned legs in nearly – but tantalizingly not quite – opaque tights, and her scuffed, worn leather boots, with two-inch clunky heels.

I don’t know quite what it is about black tights, but damn. I do like them.

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