Sex toys after-thoughts

I recently reviewed three sex toys – the Loma Candle Pure, the Loma Muffin Papaya, and the Fleshlight. I realize that I left out of my discussion almost entirely the cost of each toy. This seems unfortunate, as the cost really does matter, and it would shift my thinking about them a lot if I were buying them all today.

As I wrote, the Fleshlight, actually, is the only one for which I paid. And handsomely. (Well over $100.) The Loma toys were sent to me gratis. But. The Muffin Papaya is $9. That’s right – nine measly dollars. And the Candle Pure? $30. Given that? I can’t imagine ever, ever buying another Fleshlight. And, I’m definitely curious to try more Loma toys.

Ethics disclosure (surely my first ever): I stand to gain nothing – except, maybe, more sex toys, and there, only if I’m lucky – from anything I’ve written. I have no conflicts of interest here.

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