What a Friday might look like

I will arrive at 7:20. If you’re able to be there, and to have made me coffee, that would be lovely. But it’s fine if you can’t arrive that early. You will get plenty done for me before the day is out.

My first break is at 9:05, when I have precisely 25 minutes. I would like to find you, at 9:06, in your office, at the edge of orgasm, fully clothed, and available for me, for my use, for 25 minutes.

Similarly, at 10:15, when I expect I’ll have a 15-minute break.

At 11:15, I expect to have a solid 2 hours. I will take as much of this time from you as you can spare. I will ask, this time, that you come to my office with my lunch. That, after you close the door, you undress for me. Serve me my meal. Nude. And allow me to do with you as I may wish.

At 2:00, I will have another break – this time, just ten minutes. I will come to your office. I will feed you my cock. I will leave.

And, at 3:30, I will be done with my work for the day. But not, my dear, with you….

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