This is what a suitable counterproposal/apology might look like. And to be clear, a counterproposal is a timely response to a request. In this instance, the “counterproposal” in fact was a fait accompli, delivered long after compliance was, in her mind, possible. Hence the “apology” aspect. Though of course, an apology is always a welcome aspect of any counterproposal.

Dear N:

Thank you for the request you sent me this afternoon, to see my body from the front and the back in my swimsuit. I’m very sorry that I neither acknowledged the request nor did I fulfill it. I understand both that you must have been disappointed not to see my body as you had asked and to have the request itself go unacknowledged, even after we had resumed communication once I was home this evening.

Given that the suit is wet, now, and that it is late, I would like to make a proposal to you as a way I might make up for the twin disappointments you suffered, I inflicted on you even if unintentionally, today:

First, as it relates to the communication: may I offer to send you an audio recording in the morning of not less than 3 minutes, describing my afternoon – the people I saw, the activities in which I engaged, and the thoughts I had? At another time, I might offer to be touching my pussy for you as I speak, and I know you would like that. Unfortunately, I can’t offer you that tomorrow. But please know that I’m well aware that would be your preference.

And second, as it relates to the photos: may I offer you – in addition to the five photos to which you are entitled as of right tomorrow – an additional five photos tomorrow, in the bathing suit (which by then I hope will be dry)? To avoid disappointment or confusion, I would propose the following poses:

  1. Bending over, as in this morning’s photo;
  2. Sitting, legs open, as in this morning’s photo;
  3. Closeup of my front, from just below the bottom of my breasts to the top of my head, smiling;
  4. Closeup of my thighs and cunt, sitting, facing you; and
  5. A fifth photo, in a position of your choice/specification.

My hope is that this offer will be well received by you, that it communicates my appreciation of the opportunity to please you and my regret at having failed to do so this afternoon. But if you want more, or different, please, just let me know.



P.S. I’ve attached a photo of my ass in what I’m currently wearing, as well as of my face and eyes, in the hopes they might help communicate my regrets, and my hopes. And that they might make your cock hard.

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