What I’m thinking

I like hanging out with you.

I like grabbing a drink or a bite, and catching up.

The other day, I wrote a few different scenarios about what our next date might look like. I thought about posting them here. But then, I realized, I’m not really being true to myself. Or to the “you” that I relate to best, most easily, most enjoyably. For both of us.


Enough of all this pussy-footing around drinks, dinner, talking, catching up. Ground rules, limits, etc. That’s not to say that there’s not an important place for those things to play. Just that the ground rules and the limits have become too much the point, and rather than facilitating my getting what I want (and my giving to you and taking from you what you need), they’ve been getting in the way. Not in that they’ve been too restrictive; in that the establishment of them, the process, has become too central.

So. These are the ground rules I propose. Obviously, they are yours to accept or to reject. But I think we both might be best served by these particular ground rules. Without modification:

  • You will give yourself to me at a time of our mutual agreement (but within the next 4 weeks).
  • You will give yourself to me entirely for a period of not less than one hour, and not more than four hours, beginning at the time of our mutual agreement.
  • By “entirely,” what I mean is, “for me to do with as I please.”
  • If, at any time, my pleasure exceeds your comfort, or your limits, you will communicate this by means of the word “red.” And I will stop.
  • You will deliver yourself to me, at a location of my choosing, dressed as I will specify.
  • You will speak only if I ask you to speak. (That is a tiny preview of what my use of you might look like.)
  • Our communication between now and the time of our meeting will be limited to the bare minimum necessary a) to arrive at a time, and b) to communicate what will be required of you.

Your response to this post will either be, “Yes,” or “Not yet.”

I would like for it to be “yes.” Please.

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