When next we meet

We could, of course, meet for a drink and a meal, like two normal adults. You could wear whatever you like. I could pick a restaurant. We could catch up, eat well, drink well, enjoy one another’s company, and say good night.

I think you know that’s not my preferred possibility.

Another possibility, of course, is a wordless one: you dress as directed, you arrive where told. You kneel before me, suck my cock, greedily, hungrily. I fill your mouth with my cum, say thank you, tell you what a good girl you’ve been, and send you on your way.

That, too, isn’t exactly my preferred possibility. Though truth be told, I would enjoy it more than the first option.

Between option 1 and 2, there’s lots more possibilities. We both can imagine them all, I expect. But here’s the one, currently, I like best:

You do, in fact, dress as directed (complete with fairly significant lead-up photographically, as you remind me of the pretty body on which I soon will feast, and help me choose how to dress you to enable your body to fulfill my desires most effectively).

You do, in fact, arrive where told. But where I tell you to arrive isn’t a place conducive to sucking my cock. At least not easily.

I have steered us, in the past, toward more comfortable configurations. Tonight, though, we’re going to indulge our urgency a bit more than usual. Sure, we’ll have a drink or two. Sure, we’ll catch up a bit. But tonight, you’re going to devour my cock without comfort of a bed, or even a proper room. Tonight, you’ll sate your hunger – and mine – in a stall. A clean stall. With a floor-to-ceiling door. Private, as nice as a stall can be. But a stall nonetheless. You’ll feel my cock explode in your mouth as music pipes into the room from above. You’ll wipe your mouth, smooth your dress, and together, we’ll have another drink.

Or maybe you won’t feel my cock explode in your mouth, yet. Maybe, maybe, you’ll just leave me, my cock straining against my jeans, to return to your dirty martini, or your white wine, or whatever it is you’re drinking these days. And then, moments after, I’ll join you. So we can plot the next chapter of our evening.

This, I think, is the option I prefer.


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