Here are a few things you can do to please me, to please my cock, without our touching, respecting (certain) boundaries:

1) Find me, us, women. Women I can have fun with without you, while I’m waiting for you, while you’re waiting for me. Women we can have fun with together, when we’re done waiting. Use all the tools at your disposal – OKC, Tinder, Bumble, Happn, FetLife, whatever it takes. I want a steady flow of images, links to profiles. And, ideally, I want you actually to make this happen.

2) Dress for me. Send me a menu of your clothing options. Allow me to dress you for a week.

3) Cum for me. Don’t cum for me. Cum for me.

4) Send me images of women dressed as you imagine I might dress you, with infinite resources. Send me lots of such images.

5) Send me images of the faces of women you find hot. Tell me what you find hot about them. Ditto with men.

6) Document the sensations in your cunt for me once an hour for a day.

7) Identify three sexy bars, to which you’ve never been, in each of the following: New York. Boston. Chicago. Philadelphia.

8) Identify three bars in each of those cities with fully private floor-to-ceiling doors on their bathroom stalls, in which, one day, I can properly fuck your face. (Bonus points if there’s overlap between 7 and 8.)

9) Make yourself a report card. Don’t grade yourself, but identify the categories on which I should evaluate your performance.

10) Tell me three things I don’t know about you.

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