For five minutes…

Please don’t speak.

Position yourself comfortably.

Or at least, as comfortably as possible, given that my eyes will be taking you in. All of you.

That I’ll be imagining peeling, tearing, off your clothes.

Face your body towards me, and give your full attention to the sensations in your cunt.

Does it tingle? Is it wet? Does it ache? Does it need?

I will simply be looking at you. Perhaps, lightly, stroking my cock as I imagine the uses to which I might, to which I will, put you.

When you finish reading this page, please close your eyes. Will you be able to feel my eyes on you? To imagine my cock on you? In you?

You may, if you wish, touch your pussy. In fact, please do. Under your skirt if you wish. Over it if you prefer. But please, don’t stop imagining that your fingers are mine, that it’s my hand pressing against you, pressing into you.


Close your eyes. Until I say to open them.

Thank you.

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