Did podcasts steal my mojo?

Lately, I’ve been pouring copious amounts of time into podcasts. With nearly every spare moment, I’m listening to some wise person or another explain to me some or other aspect of the current disastrous political situation.

It soothes me, a little. But then it doesn’t. I think it’s soothing to hear the Crooked Media guys explain just how horrifically the Administration is fucking things up. But then I realize it isn’t soothing, it shouldnt be soothing. The opposite, instead: it’s kinda like acting out sexually. It feels good while it’s happening, in that it takes me away from painful realities I’d prefer not to face, but, when it’s over, I’m back where I started, minus the time (and maybe, money).

In any event, I’ve been neglecting this space. Not telling you about my cock. It hasn’t been seeing all that much action lately, and most of my extramarital sexual stimulation of late comes from porn. Kinda hollow.

Here’s hoping I have some good stories to tell you soon. Fwiw, I’ve lost 32 pounds in the last year, and am approaching my adult historical low weight. So I’m looking better…. That should help, right?

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