What awaits you

  1. A seriously fucking hard spanking. That goes on until tears are streaming down your face, until you beg me to stop, until you use your safe word. One that leaves marks, trails, bruises, welts, lines.
  2. The hardest face-fucking I’ve ever given. My image is you, kneeling, hands behind your back – maybe tied up, with my belt – while I pummel your face with my cock, gagging you, choking you, once again, bringing tears to your eyes, once again, eliciting your safe word.
  3. Orgasms delivered by tongue, finger, cock, maybe vibrator. More than you can count. More than you can stand. Once more, until your safe word, finally, comes. Oh yeah – wrists, ankles restrained. Blindfolded. You will be alone with your sensations while I harvest orgasm after orgasm from your drenched cunt.
  4. A long, gentle, face-fucking. This time, you’ll do exactly as I ask. I’ll be holding your head by your hair every moment, but you’ll be executing my will. Licking softly, sucking sweetly, and yes, maybe, also, being fucked hard a bit more.
  5. A throatful of cum.

What do you say? Do you want what I’m offering? (Note: this is a limited-time offer. I’m usually nowhere near this rough. But you’ve inspired me.)

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