I could describe her hair (brown, curly, long), her eyes (hazel, round), her lips (moist, thick, full).

But none of that matters.

She wears a pink cotton dress, with a dozen buttons down the front, followed by a deep slit that reaches nearly to her cunt. And it’s a constant struggle for her as she sits to avoid revealing more than she wants. Every so often, she adjusts the skirt, closing the slit, but honestly, it’s not working. She doesn’t seem troubled by it, though.

The dress would present less of a challenge if her curves weren’t so dangerous. Her thighs, muscular, thick. Her hips swelling beneath her waist. Her breasts testing the strength of the buttons.

I can’t look away.


[Note: I spent a ridiculous amount of time looking for the dress she was wearing online, and found nothing even close. These were the closest, but, as my description makes clear, I did a pretty poor web-surfing job. The model on the left starts to approximate the build, if not the look, of the woman I’m describing.]

dress2 dress

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