Thighs, panties, cunts

I’ve touched on this subject before, once, almost a year and a half ago, and the second time, more recently. In each of those posts, it wasn’t front and center, but rather, just an aside.

Here’s the thing.

I really, really like images of thighs, cunt obscured by panties.

If you send me pictures, it’s a certainty that, very quickly, I will ask to see you like this:


Or, like this:


I’ve been me long enough to know that it’s not just in panties that I like this view. Here are a few examples of variants of this view that give me very similar pleasure:







Close observers will note that all of these images come from the same web site – Zishy. Zishy is a recent find of mine, an interesting little treasure. Some of the models are bona fide porn stars. Some, definitely not. They don’t have all shapes and sizes, and they definitely skew young(er than I’d prefer). But they do feature some bigger – and some smaller – women. Women whose shapes and sizes aren’t utterly conventional. Which I like. Of course, I notice that I didn’t really pick any of them for this post (except, arguably, for the very skinny final chick in jeans and pastel mismatched socks/tights).

Why the fuck is it that this is my porn catnip? Why do I want a woman to show me her cunt and not show it to me at the same time? Am I scared of it, in its fleshy deliciousness? I don’t think so – I love pussy. There really is little I’d prefer to do at any given moment than bury my head in it. But maybe there’s something there, after all: I don’t particularly find pussies pretty. In fact, I always am slightly amused when I hear them described as such, as if whoever is doing the describing is looking at something completely different from what I’m seeing.

I’m not, by any means, saying I don’t like how pussies look. I do. It’s just that, in a picture like this…

it’s not the pussy that grabs my attention. It’s the eyes, the mouth, the expression. The breasts, the thighs, the leggings, the hair. Everything but the pussy. I’ve said to more than one woman, “I want the first time I see your pussy to be in person, close-up.” And that’s truly how I feel.

Maybe I was conditioned by 70s and 80s pubic hair. This was, I think, my favorite centerfold ever:

File:Liz Glazowski.jpg

Is it meaningful that Liz Glazowski’s pussy is hidden not just behind pubic hair, but also, behind a sheer leotard? Obstacles are sexy. For sure.

I think I’ve written before at my horror on seeing my childhood’s friend’s father’s copies of Color Climax, a magazine that pictured actual intercourse, something I’d heard of but never seen. And it looked completely different than I’d imagined. I didn’t recognize those vaginas at all. And I was, by then, an old hand at Playboys and Penthouses.

Anyway. Point being. I like thighs. I like cunts. But I like my cunts obscured, hidden, except in person.


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