I like seeing up a woman’s skirt or dress. I think this is a nearly universal phenomenon, at least among straight men. I’m not a sociopath. Back when I was taking creep shots, I didn’t snap furtive upskirt shots of the kind that are illegal in many jurisdictions. But if I find myself sitting across from an attractive woman in a skirt or dress, I can’t help myself from trying to sneak a peek.

A friend (not a straight male) recently said to me, “But N., you’ve seen what a woman’s thighs and crotch look like. What is it that’s so compelling? It’s not like you can’t perfectly well imagine what you would see. What do you gain by actually seeing it?”

I have a couple of thoughts. First, in many instances, seeing up a woman’s skirt, seeing higher on her thighs than she intended, seeing the panties she didn’t intend me to see, seeing her pussy, if she’s not wearing panties, is a theft. It’s transgressive. It’s seeing something that’s meant to be hidden. Every toddler knows the fun of discovering what’s hidden. It’s called peekaboo, and it’s just about the most fun many kids know. Until they graduate to the more mature, but equally compelling, version of the game, now called “hide and seek.”

It’s fun to discover what’s hidden, even if we know what it is. (Watch an unboxing video for a particularly stark demonstration.) This video has a gazillion views. People clearly like seeing not just what isn’t meant to be seen, but what is revealed, willingly.

This is my preference, honestly. If you send me pictures, it’s a safe bet that I’ll ask you to show me your thighs under your skirt, to open your legs for me, to show me your panties.

What’s sexy about this to me is much like what’s sexy about fishnets: you’re simultaneously hiding and revealing, and, what’s more, you’re doing as I ask, you’re demonstrating your trust of me, you’re giving me privileged access to what you normally (I presume) keep private, or at least, mostly so.

For this reason, the willingly provided glance up your skirt is infinitely hotter to me than a chance glance stolen from an unwilling stranger. While I find transgression, theft, hot, I find trust and compliance and privileged access infinitely more so.

P.S. I’d like to add a few photos to this post. I’d very much like it if you sent me one for inclusion.

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