Sometimes, I just want to be hard

There is something about the sensation of an erection. The feeling of my cock, straining, aching.

I don’t always want to have an orgasm. No, sometimes, what I want is to have an hours-long erection. Viagra warns that if an erection lasts for four hours or longer, you should seek immediate medical attention. But the truth is, a four-hour erection sounds like bliss to me.

I spend much of my life seeking sensations of alive-ness. I am fortunate that, for the most part, what it takes for me to feel alive is not self-destructive, is not painful, and does not involve harming others. For some unfortunate souls, the only way to feel alive is to do damage, to oneself or to others. For some, this means cutting oneself. For some, it means hurting another.

For me, all it takes for me to feel truly, undeniably, vibrantly alive is a raging hard-on.


  1. Thank you for sharing this. It’s nice, as a woman, to have this insight.
    However, I would like to offer an opinion. You say a 4 hour erection sounds like bliss. It probably would be if you are in the company of someone whose presence and actions make you stay hard. But a 4 hour erection with no stimulus would probably be scary to you too, don’t you think?

    1. What is this “no stimulus” of which you speak? Am I in a coma?

      Seriously, though, yes, I suppose a raging hard-on for four hours in the wrong circumstances might suck. But if at all possible, I’d just try to make them be the right circumstances.

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