Pubic hair

I wrote this almost three years ago. In the time since then, I’ve gotten more comfortable with hairless pussies as, for better or worse, many of the women I’ve been with have been pretty bare.

My looking at that old post makes me think I should revisit the issue. Bottom line is, I don’t really think much about it. I want your pussy, and I don’t much care how it’s currently configured. Either way, I’m going to tickle your clit, press against it with my tongue, while I slide one or two or three fingers deep up inside you, while, maybe, putting a thumb in your ass, and/or grabbing a breast hard, or pressing down against your belly.

I’m going to set up camp there regardless of when you last shaved, waxed, or whatever.

I don’t care about your pubic hair.

I just want to taste your cunt.

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