Assuming you had willing partner/s at your disposal, what would be your ideal frequency of sexual activities? Please also detail frequency of particular acts (PIV, BJ’s etc) in your ideal world.

It’s funny. That question feels very surreal to me. What with kids, work, life. And the fact that I have my wife.

I think I’ll answer it this way. I once went away for a work trip, and brought the Historian along as a plaything. I had her available, and summoned her, at virtually every break I had – three or four times a day, and at night, and in the morning. That was tremendous fun, but totally unsustainable.

The way life goes? I just don’t know. I guess, in a perfect fantasy world, I’d take an oral sex break a few times a day. Giving and getting.

Intercourse is something I desire far less often, and it’s very partner-specific, and situation-specific. But it’s rarely something I desire until I’ve been licking a woman’s clit, or she’s been sucking my cock, for quite a while.

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