Compliance (re)defined

In the context of erotic writing, compliance means, simply, “Doing as I ask.”

But in reality? It’s somewhat more nuanced.

Here are some things it’s not:

  • Blind obedience.
  • Abandonment of principles.
  • Never saying “no.”

I acknowledge that I may have contradicted some of these principles in previous of my writings. When I have done so, it has been for literary and erotic effect. For example, I have said many times that “perfect compliance” is something I crave, and that in part, this consists of “never saying ‘no’ to me.”

While it is true that, in a sexual relationship, I find “never saying ‘no’” hot, it is, honestly, at least as hot to me, and often hotter  (even if it makes somewhat less hot prose) to be told, respectfully, “I really want to give you exactly what you want, but, in this instance, I don’t think I can. I respect that you want it, though, and so want to give you something else, of equal or greater value to you, to make up for my inability to give you what you ask. Would it be acceptable if, instead of ‘x’ I did ‘y’ for you? Or, alternately, may I ask you to propose an alternative that takes into consideration the reasons I’m unable to do as you ask?”

That is perfect compliance.

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