What it feels like when a woman comes with me inside her, after I have used her

Luna suggested I write about this sensation but, the truth is, it’s not one sensation.

First off, many women can’t come with me inside. Can you?

Often, an orgasm is what a woman does/has when I slide my cock out of her, when I open up space in her cunt. Only then can her body convulse freely, squirt, pulsate.

Other times, she comes while I’m inside of her but there’s no “feeling,” there’s no way I know that she’s coming other than what she says, the sounds she makes, the breathing she does. Or maybe there is a feeling, it’s her body bucking, writhing, as I grip her tight to hold her down on my cock, desperately trying to maintain the warmth, the friction, that’s getting me off.

Or maybe I feel the muscles in her pussy contract, pulsing, around my cock, squeezing me repeatedly, as if she were, as if it were, trying to milk my cum out of me.

The truth is, it’s all good. I love a woman’s orgasm.

I love it whether my cock is in her or not, whether my thumb is on her clit or not.

It doesn’t matter.

It just doesn’t matter.


  1. To answer your question, I don’t know if I can come with *you* inside of me, but I definitely can with a man’s cock deep inside of me. It used to be my most pleasant orgasms, the pulsations of his cum shooting deep within me oftentimes being what took me over the edge.
    Now, this may have changed since I started to squirt… I don’t know, I haven’t tried it with a man yet…

  2. My husband most often cums when I do, as I tense and squeeze around him with my own orgasm. His orgasm, the pulsing sensation or his noises, may send my orgasm further/longer or just create another one. It’s a win-win the majority of the time.

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