A woman’s orgasm

I wrote just two days ago about the sensations I experience when I have an orgasm.  That post got a lot of comments and attention, and one reader has sent me a couple of descriptions of her orgasms that I thought worth sharing.  This is the first.  The second will follow shortly.  I think I will make a practice of, from time to time, writing up sexual experiences of mine from a purely sensual, physical perspective – I found it fascinating to do.  I invite readers to do the same:  tell me about your sexual experiences, and in particular, your orgasms.  While, of course, I’m interested in the brain, in what turns you on, in what you’re thinking, for the purpose of this exercise, I’m really interested in the physical experience of orgasm:  what do yours feel like?  What are the differences between “clitoral,” “vaginal,” and “g-spot” orgasms?  Singles and multiples?  Ejaculatory vs. non-ejaculatory?  Send them to me – nlikes at the domain of this blog.  And enjoy this and the next….

I’m lying on the daybed in my office. Despite its dark walls, the room is warm and bright on this particular late afternoon. The sun pours in over my left shoulder, through gauzy, star spangled curtains, forming long attenuated blocks of light across my belly and thighs.

My work clothes have been discarded in favor of shorts and a more comfortable shirt, which is hiked up over my ribs. The shorts have not made it onto my body yet. They’re on the floor, waiting to be joined – perhaps – by my underpants, which are currently draped around an ankle. If my climax is athletic, they will end up on the floor as well, although not necessarily in the vicinity of the shorts.

I stretch my body out, like a cat yawn, before I relax into my favored position. My legs are opened as wide as I can make them and still be comfortable. My left leg is drawn up and falling outward, my right leg extended to give my right hand more freedom of access to my pussy. If I switch hands, I switch legs, too. Since my upper body arches quite a bit, I’ve dispensed with pillows; they make it more comfortable at the start but tend to get in the way once I start to move around.

At the moment, the hand not working is resting on my belly, cradling my vibrator. Oh, yes, my vibrator, my purple and white orgasm inducer. I have become addicted to the orgasms that this vibrator gives me. It is a beautifully designed and effective piece of engineering: light, quiet and powerful. One of the reasons I like it so much for my circumstances is that I can climax quite quickly and very strongly with it (using my fingers takes much longer, and the climaxes are not nearly as shatteringly hard, although, interestingly enough, they are more satisfying). It’s marketed as a ‘g- spot stimulator’ but I’ve never been able to find my g-spot, and the vibrator works fantastically well as a stimulator on my clit and the rest of my pussy, so that’s what I use it for. The business end is a curved oval, like a very small outside slice of a hardboiled egg, and it’s smooth but not slick. When I rub it along the folds and dips of my slit, it feels like a lover’s tongue.

For a moment or two, I rub the outside of my pussy with my hand, idly stroking the outer labia, playing with my trimmed bush, running a finger along my slit without penetrating between the lips. It’s not meant to arouse, exactly. Sexual thoughts come and go with me all during the day, and horniness is always present, although mostly in the background. So it’s more like to bring my pussy to full awareness. Now I am relaxed, and I can feel the blood of arousal pooling in my groin, that hot viscous itch building.

I switch on the vibrator to the almost lowest setting. It has several speeds and several different modes of vibration, but I’m a purist in this regard, varying (maybe) only the speed in the course of a session. At first, I move it all around, outer labia, inner labia, deep in my cunt, passing glance at my clit. Even this is deeply satisfying.

Now I pull up the latest of a long line fantasies to which I’ve masturbated. Which one was it? Oh, yes; the second, darker chapter of one my stories – the chapter not written yet, and perhaps never. The story is about my being used as a pawn by my master/lover in his plan to dominate another man, a rival, through sexual subjugation.

But today I need something even darker, even less acceptable, something that will get me to a state of readiness quickly. The Young Master appears in my head. He is in his late teens; I am the older wife of one his neighbors and he has decided he wants to have me. As he tells the unwilling fantasy me what my duties will be henceforth, I am circling my pussy a little harder, pressing more firmly, letting the vibrator linger on my clit.

He forces me to kneel on the bed, and takes me from behind, deliberately hard and without preparation. His cock penetrates my cervix, and my breathing is starting to quicken: short, sharp exhalations. I move the vibrator to favored spots – I’ve discovered that the left labia is exquisitely sensitive, almost as sensitive as my clit, so I concentrate my attention there for a while.

As he comes in me, his seed deep in my womb, the nerves in my entire groin begin to sing with tension. One of my duties is to clean his cock after he covers me, and to get him hard again for the next session. I’ve never sucked cock, so I resist, and he takes a riding crop to my ass, thus ensuring my compliance.

When he is ready, he drags me to the edge of the bed, with my legs almost to my ears, and his thrusts this time are nearly vertical and even more deeply penetrating. To a casual observer, I might appear asleep, so few are the obvious indications of what is unfolding in my mind. My eyes are closed, and my head is turned to the side, but now my back is slightly arched, stretching the muscles and nerves in my pelvis and pressing my ass into the mattress. I increase the speed of the vibrator slightly. I can feel myself getting wet, I can feel the moisture as it coats my cunt. Both the outer and inner labia are slick with it now, and they are swelling and lengthening as I move the vibrator more deliberately and with more pressure.

His mounting of me this time is even more painful, and as I feel the pulse of his cock and the hot spurts of semen as he comes, my pussy is starting to shudder. I can feel my cunt starting to grasp at the absent cock; my anus, too, is contracting.

He services me several more times that night, and I lick and suck him clean after each time. I am not allowed to clean myself, and by dawn, when he leaves, I am so full of his semen that it has leaked copiously over my thighs and abdomen. He comes to me again the next night, and every night. By now, I am moaning, weak little sounds from deep in my throat traveling on my exhaled breath. My head has begun to move from side to side and my whole lower body is tensing in anticipation.

At the end of only a few days of relentless intercourse, I am, literally, enthralled by my own need. Now I am moaning more loudly – whimpering really – and I move the vibrator’s speed up again. I am concentrating on my clit, with occasional thrusting forays deep in my cunt, drawing the wetness up and through my slit. My pelvis is moving, my hips flexing involuntarily, seeking.

The story is abandoned, and what I focus on is the hot, arousing shame of needing

to be fucked, needing to be owned. It’s incoherent at this point, just a replication of the feeling. My head is tossing back and forth, and I am trying, unsuccessfully, to stifle my moans. My hand is splayed across my belly like my absent lover’s, and my hips are thrusting and circling more and more rapidly.

I’ve reached that plateau just prior to orgasm. I love this so much I always try to prolong it, but it never works. My entire body is wound up tight, and the nerve endings are curled up like whips poised to fly out. I press the vibrator to my clit, hard, the buzz reverberating down into my pubic bone.

Then, the orgasm engulfs me, not something broad like a wave, but more like a bolt of lightening, sharp and narrow. I arch off the bed, my head thrown back. The sound coming out of me is primal and my throat aches because I try to quell it. For several seconds, I hang suspended, and then my body starts to convulse, wildly throwing itself all over the bed, my cries finally swallowed. I try to keep the vibrator up against my clit but the sensations are too intense and I finally pull it away. I’ve ended up on my side, curled up and panting.


  1. The wonderful thing about orgasms is that they are so hard to put into words and never the same for each person. I have recently written about my first experiences with female ejaculation on my blog.

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